2011 Lamborghini Murcielago replacement Jota spied at streets

24 10 2008

Spy photographers caught at first time the new Lamborghini supercar which would be replace the Murcielago. With Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Pagani and Mercedes AMG all working on new supercars, there is no basis for Lamborghini to get left behind.

Although this Murcielago body shell could just be a warrant string mule, there support that the new body will have a wider follow as seen in the somewhat flared out fenders. We can also see most visibly the RoaDyn turn energy measurement apparatus close to the wheels.

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New Audi R3 would replace the TT ?!

1 09 2008

Audi is readying this stunning new R3 sports car, a mid-engined little brother to the R8 supercar. Developing with mother positive Volkswagen, the Audi R3 could disembark in five living’ time, with four-cylinder dominance to take on the Mazda MX-5 but not enough mumble to tread on the toes of Porsche’s Boxster. The Audi R3 is a replacement for the stillborn R4.

Audi’s mid-engine R4 was pronounced stillborn this past year, but with Volkswagen bringing its own midship concept to the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi might revive plans its own version to market in the next five years. The new R3 would effectively replace the TT, providing a better business case for VAG to produce a mid-engine platform and silencing critics that have constantly complained that the TT is merely a tarted up Golf.

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Video: New Exclusive BMW Concept Car GINA Light Visionary Model (+photo)

6 06 2008

BMW show exclusive teaser video with new revolutionary concept, the car will be shown at a press conference at the 10th June. Name GINA Light Visionary Model who still has no information, but the video after you can see the great roadster with a roof has opened a profile similar to the BMW has recently show Powered Veritas RS3 super sports car.

The video shows the vehicle with a cover made of plastic Baggy, transport in the BMW museum, very likely the place where the press conference held. Stay tuned, that detailed information and new videos will be published shortly after the press conference.


BMW’s novel unequal implement automobile is resourceful to perk. The Bavarian maker has titled it GINA Light Visionary Model Concept Car, and the automobile can derive unconnected shapes good to the advice the part is built from: material.

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Voisin Concept Supercar Create by Portuguese Designers

31 03 2008

Voisin Concept with diesel motor ?!
Voisin is a french automaker founded by one of the pioneers of aviation, Gabriel Voisin, which produced cars with the technology aircraft, as Knight-type sleeve valve engines, from 1919 to 1939. Unfortunately, it never came to life again, as Bugatti managed to do so, but perhaps the owners of the mark to decide to change this when they see the beautiful Voisin Concept, which was created by a design centre Portuguese, LusoMotors.


The main designer and founder of LusoMotors, Ernesto Freitas, CarBodyDesign.com said that since he has always loved classic cars french, he decided to recreate one of the most important. Voisin cars were the only ones that could compete with a Bugatti, at the time, hence the idea of creating a supercar cope with the Veyron.

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