New Tesla Model S Electric car Revealed (official details and photos)

27 03 2009

Tesla Motors has revealed the all-new Model S plug-in electric sports vehicle in Los Angeles. The new Model S can seat up to seven passengers, accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 5.6 seconds and go up to 300 miles or 480km on a single charge. First deliveries in North America and Europe will arise in overdue 2011 with the U.S. pattern featuring a base price of $57,400.

Tesla Model S elcetric car img_1

The photos show that Tesla’s designers were strongly influenced by European cars and in particular the Jaguar XF when it came to the notchback’s buttocks and profile and to a minus size, the Maserati GranTurismo for the car’s front-end styling. Similarities away, the Model S looks really amazing and sexy.

Tesla claims that the Model S which has an inclusive duration of 196-inches (4,978mm) or, where between a BMW 5 and 7-Series, offers places for five adults plus two rear-facing and foldable seats for children in the rear goods vicinity. Even in this configuration, the Model S can still transmit some of your luggage as it has a minute body under the cover.

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Tesla Car and Troubles With Original Transmission

16 04 2008
The drama surrounding the Tesla Roadster transport and the society that tries to create a system that can transmit engine power to the wheels without breaking under the strain took another strange twist today with the revelation that the first supplier Tesla contract for the design of the eastern part Hired lawsuits against the company for $ 5.6 million.
Magna Powertrain USA Tesla said it hired to develop a two-speed transmission, in September 2006, and when things fell behind, Tesla has cancelled the contract and walked away without paying. Saucy! Of course, problems with the proposed two-speed transmission is why Tesla plans to ship Roadsters production begins with “temporary” a swap speed and the units a little further, but there is no word on the location where the two versions will come speeds of Tesla Aside from saying ‘We need to have more control over our destiny and manage the process in the house. “Of course, of course, as long as we one for “testing”, okay?