Top Gear Mega Battle: Bugatti Veyron against McLaren F1 (video)

8 07 2009

Here it is!! The most powerful and fast supercars of all time met at a mile-long drag race. The 1001 horsepower Bugatti Veyron driving by Top Gear’s presenter Richard Hammond and the 627 horsepower McLaren F1 driving by The Stig. The race took place on a very dry, closed stretch of road in Abu Dhabi.

Bugatti Veyron against McLaren F1 Top Gear video img_1

If you just look at the power figures, at first you might think that the Veyron would simply crush the F1. But the McLaren F1 weighs significantly less than the Veyron, roughly 1651 lbs. (749 kg)

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Top Gear Officially Reveals The Stig [video]

23 06 2009

The first episode of 13th season of the very popular British motoring show BBC Topgear started very suddenly for all. The Stig has been finally unmasked himself to live studio audience! It was Michael Schumacher. Or has he? The elusive Stig is seen being accompanied into the studio where they zoom the chain. Later he is meeting on the guest formulate and begins to take off his colorless helmet. To the interview’s shock Schumacher appears from underneath the helmet, fakes a glint and smiles, generous the admiring viewers a thumbs-up.

Top Gear The Stig reveals on video

The Stig is one of the most searched words on the Internet. Almost all the searches are interested in one thing and one thing only; getting an answer for the grill “who is The Stig?” Several names have been bandied about in the precedent as concerning this very important problem. The only complete one is Tyler Perry, an ex F1 tester who was killed off from the sequence after important each, who read his tell-all book that he was the black Stig. Apparently the show’s producers frown ahead such behaviour.

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Cool action Top Gear video review: Ford Fiesta and Beach Assault

11 12 2008

Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson was tasked with generous a thorough, exhaustive review of the all new 2009 Ford Fiesta. At first Clarkson takes the Fiesta through the usual paces on the open path and at the path, but then he gets creative.


He does get chased by a black Corvette inside a British mall, and he finishes by pleasing a beachhead in a Fiesta full of Royal Marines while under important firing. Oh, and smoke shells fit in the Fiesta’s cup holders. Impressive objects, indeed. Thanks to all who tipped in.

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So, who are you Stig? Facts and video in Answer

5 12 2008

Who is The Stig?” – is one of the most frequently searched question in the UK. The release top questions for 2008 and it arrival in at number 9 position. The Stig is the ordinary analysis driver on the wildly popular UK auto show Top Gear.


Let’s try to understand who is really The Stig?! Since “Top Gear”‘s relaunch in 2002 with Clarkson, May and the Hamster there have been two “Stigs.” The first Stig wore a black racing flatter and was known as “Black Stig.” This Stig was played by F1 driver Perry McCarthy, who bare his character in his book “Flat Out, Flat Broke” and was then subsequently “killed off” at the flinch of string three when he was seen to goad very promptly off the getaway deck of an aircraft mover and not cease in time. Whether the two actions are linked is nameless, but it is totally possible that the Top Gear producers were not opportune at his revelation.

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Top Gear Back Again! Watch on TV: Season 11

21 05 2008

Top Gear is the passion for car racing heart, and was to do since she began the series in 1977. Needless to say that the world is happy that Jeremy James, Richard, The Stig cohorts and not a call he leaves a few years ago because he was had to stop after a peak revival in 2002, but we can insure that its peak is still to come.

Possibly eleven season, the high-tech? The team of Top Gear has a meeting of the brainstorming phase and have been, as some of their ideas. First the bad news, the big films will appear shorter, but more punk rock. There is a German Top Gear episode with the return of Sabine and the Audi RS6 suicidal against a skier. The usual “Top Gear face-offs as the EVO X in comparison to the Impreza and a great film in which a mega-car, on a mega opponents in Japan. Mega Jeremy Godzilla vs. someone?

Good news for the United States, Top Gear may has not been canceled, as well as most thought. NBC was a brief description of the return on his sites and some persistent rumours on the surface Gear episode driver. This pilot project was probably the target of shots fired at the airport El Toro, California, but NBC is always quiet on the subject.

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