Terrafugia ‘Flying Car’ Makes it’s Historic First Flight (+ video)

20 03 2009

Now we can say: “a flying cars are already here!!” We Congratulate Massachusetts developers and their ultra-future roadable aircraft called Terrafugia with the first successful flight. The LIVE flight can be seen in its entirety in video bellow.

Terrafugia Transition Roadable Aircraft first flight img_1

The Transition Roadable Aircraft Proof of Concept is capable of converting from a small plane into a car in about thirty seconds. As an aircraft, the two-seater should be allowed to take off and land at any regional airport. When used as such, a Sport Pilot certify is necessary. In the air, the vehicle is skillful of about 115 mph, with a snatched-only range of 450 miles. As a car, it travels up to 65 mph, and gets 30 mpg.

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