New 2009 Lincoln MKS (details)

4 06 2008

All previous Lincolns MKS are sold in the U.S. to this day, but 8.600 customers have promised to buy the new Lincoln flagship sedan – 2009 Lincoln MKS. Nearly two-thirds have opted for the Ultimate Package MKS as it made its official debut in November 2007 LA Auto Show.

The reason why the orders have poured in early because Lincoln used a new direction for this new model, namely that the mark has revealed pricing and options cars in the first rather than its sales launch. “Many customers want arrivals compare the monthly payments before deciding on a new vehicle, it was logical for us to provide them with detailed information on prices and incentives so that they can make an informed decision before the arrival of a vehicle dealers this summer, “said Pei – Hsu Wen, Lincoln MKS marketing director.

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