First Seat Salsa Renderings: Seat’s version of VW Concept BlueSport

26 01 2009

Volkswagen BlueSport Concept was one of the main hits at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, but to put the type into production VW would have to wholesale it under a mixture of different brands. The most likely candidates to collect a form of the roadster would be Audi and Seat which brings us to the rendered speculation of a probable Seat perfect dubbed the Salsa.


The classical would attribute Seat’s trademark front end and a high-feature interior which would make use of several substance from VW’s parts-bin. Volkswagen has previously stated that there is only a 70% luck of having the BlueSport view go into production and an absolute result would be dependant on whether Seat and Audi could make a firm defense for the fashion to be sold under their respective brands. While the Salsa is just downright speculation, any shot at shop a defense for putting a roadster as wonderful as the BlueSport into production has our election.

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Volkswagen BlueSport Concept revealed in Detroit

13 01 2009

Volkswagen’s Concept Blue Sports made its debut at the 2009 Detroit Show as an inquiry in combining great fuel wealth with a sporty effort and looks. The roadster actions some four metres in extent but weighs less than 1200kg. VW has put a turbo diesel engine in it and that tips the performance scales even more in its favour.


The engine is a 2.0-litre TDI that makes 180hp (134kW) from 4,200rpm and stocky torque of 350Nm made from just 1,750rpm. Saying to be able of a 0 – 100km/h time of 6.6 seconds and a top rate of 226km/h (140mph), the Blue Sports concept emits just 113g/km in injurious C02 gasses. It averages 4.3 litres per 100km (55mpg US/ 66mpg UK) in fuel consumption.

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