New Volkswagen Polo GT-Rocket and Black/Silver Special Editions

13 05 2008

Volkswagen presented new GT-Rocket and Black / Silver special edition models for their tough little Polo, each with a special selection of the most important specifications and updates. The newest entries in the series are recordable Polo on the line-up and immediately in the order of 13800 and 16875 euros.

The GT model Rocket special offers customers young, dynamic, sporty image of the brand special and a higher standard specification. Rugs in the mix are easy “Aristo” alloy wheels, rear wing and front fog lights, while within the GT-Rocket is treated as unique upholstery, quiet lively rugs and leather steering wheel. The special sport is limited to two petrol and three diesel models, kicks at a price of 16875 € for the 80 hp 1.4-liter Polo.

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