New 2009 Renault Safrane ?!

26 08 2008

Renault has bare a new mid-mass luxury vehicle that revives the Safrane nameplate after an eight year without refreshing. The classic Safrane was a quite frankly styled 5door executive saloon built from 1992 to 2000 that was replaced in the European soak by the ill-expected Vel Satis.

However, the new Safrane, which as you may have already noticed is almost a rebadged version of the Renault Samsung Motors SM5 sedan, won’t be sold in Europe as the French firm strategy to advertise it exclusively in the Gulf States where it will be open with a V6 engine knotted to a usual gearbox.

Read more (details and photo)!!

But new Renault Safrane (which is not meant to be sold in Europe) is being manufactured in Korea by Renault Samsung Motors, and at the moment the only large saloon being manufactured by Samsung is the outgoing Nissan Teana which they call as the SM5 and SM7.

Samsung SM5:

Samsung SM7:

Some time ago one of readers Nissan-Arabia Internet source, showing local photos of the Renault “mystery sedan”, look at it… It looks like the new sedan will revive the Renault Safrane nameplate for this Japanese-designed Korean-built French-badged car:

2009 Renault Safrane gallery:



3 responses

24 07 2010
emma kibble

It is about time that the safrane was brought out again. I have owned two safranes over the years and i have found them very comfortable to drive. I still cannot believe that they didn’t do as well as they should’ve done. I am now struggling to find another safrane. I think the new model is very good looking.

10 05 2013
Selma Crncevic

They should have produced the Safane in France again and not change his look too much. Now they spoiled the holy name of the most luxurious and beautiful french car…. this cannot be the successor to my beautiful Safrane from 1999, I can’t take that. It is not a “pure blood” executive limousine…

16 08 2013

I live in Mexico, have heard great comments and I am considering purchasing a used 2009-2011 Renault Safrane; how would this car rate among cars within its segment?

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