Mutec Stretched Rolls-Royce Phantom, it’s great …

11 02 2008
Feelings of frustration that your Rolls-Royce Phantom does not have enough room for you and your family, forcing you to take a less glamorous vehicle with seating for six? If yes Mutec German coachbuilder created the solution by introducing a version of the Phantom that has been stretched 43 inches.
As an official of Rolls-Royce bodybuilder, Mutec crafts world-class features with changes that resemble those came directly from the factory. The rear seat has been replaced by two sets of seats to be filled by the ghost of all places theatre, to create spaces for four. Filling the interior privacy curtains are extended, modified consoles centre, and a retractable partition that separates the driver’s rear passengers.


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30 03 2009
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1 01 2015

men…am in love wit Dis ride

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